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ABC Mindfulness

ABC Mindfulness is a simple trick to help reduce negative thoughts. It’s great for kids but honestly works well for adults too.  It goes as Follows:


1. Pick a general topic such as Movies, Sports, History.


2. Start with A and go through the entire alphabet looking for words that begin each letter in order that have to do with the topic of your choice. After you’ve done it a few times try more specific topics like Football or Chicago Bears.


Remember: The goal of this isn't to necessarily succeed and get from A to Z, but to stop your negative thinking by thinking about something benign. I find it most helpful when I actually get stuck for a few minutes on one letter.  That means I'm thinking about the game and not the negative anxious thoughts I was a few minutes ago.



Topic: Movies


Annie Hall,

Back to the Future,


The Dark Knight

The Empire Strikes Back


The Godfather

Happy Gilmore



King Ralph

Love Actually


North by Northwest

Ordinary People

Pulp Fiction

The Queen

Rear Window

Star Wars

Toy Story


V for Vendetta

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?


Young Frankenstein


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